About 20/20 Faith

A Men’s Ministry


I had to talk about what I was learning. With so few ministries for men and a limited number of male Christian bloggers, I knew God was telling me to step up and share. So here we are. I’ve never been clearer and so I’ll be sharing what God teaches me in hopes you find solace and grow your relationship with our Creator.

My Story

How I Got Started

Growing up I didn’t go to Church all the time. My older sister Barbara would take me to Sunday School from time to time when she would go to church but at such a young age, 4-5 years old, I think, but it didn’t mean anything to me except a chance to play with other kids. I knew of God through my parents that believed in Him but never went into depth about who He is, beyond His son came to earth, Died on a cross and that blood washed my sins away provided I believe in Him. I went to Church and a local Southern Baptist Church in El Paso, TX for little periods of time during things like VBS (Vacation Bible School). During that time I chose to get Baptized. I was 9 years old. Looking back I didn’t really know what it meant to get baptized, though it was explained to me. Nonetheless, I went through with it. I continued to go to Church but never really felt “connected”.  After experiencing a lot of terrible things, I found my way back to God. Let me tell you brother, life is a lot better when you’re doing things God’s way. Without Him, none of this is possible. For the longer version of this story, check out my post here

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