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Welcome to my second blog post. If you’re reading this then I guess I didn’t bore you too much with the first one, or you’re hoping for something better with this one lol. Either way, here we are! 

Starting this blog and Ministry has caused me to really start trying to align myself deeper with God and half the time I wonder if I even know what I’m doing. Yet, I find myself being able to defend my faith to people more and with more success each time it’s called for. This is kind of what I’ve felt compelled to write about this time. 

Since starting this journey, I want nothing more than to spread the good news and Gospel as we are commanded to do in Mark 16:15. I started by creating a post on Facebook asking people to prove “God doesn’t exist”. It was this post that really opened my eyes to realize just how much certain people don’t want to believe. Honestly, it seems to me that if they worked as hard coming to know God as they do try and debunk him, they’d be in a much better place. 

This got me thinking. “Why is it that so many people either don’t want anything to do with God or just want to make up reasons why there’s no way He exists?” Having been through the things I have in life and seeing God move and work in my own life, it makes it quite hard to just dismiss Him. So I pray. I pray hard that God will give me the strength to make a difference. That He’ll give me the knowledge, guide my tongue and give me the ability to bring others to know Him before it’s too late. I get the notion that people think they can live life not believing then change their minds when they die and see that they were wrong or upon Jesus’ return, claim Him and all will be well because they can see Him with their physical eyes. NEWSFLASH! It doesn’t work that way.

Nowadays, I find it’s hard to even watch the news. The horror I see is often times scarier than anything you’d see in a movie! Furthermore, a lot of the young generation of today (we’ll say 16-23 years old) have seemed to have lost basic morals and ability to think for themselves. Often times it’s as though they speak out, protest and bash and endorse things they don’t even understand. This, I believe, can all be attributed back to the Adversary. Afterall, isn’t this what Satan would want? The devil doesn’t want us to follow God, he doesn’t want us to give value to life, doesn’t want us to see any form of truth and overall doesn’t want us to SEE. Instead, he practices to deceive. For instance the whole gender identity thing… I have a really hard time wrapping my mind around this. I mean God is perfect. He doesn’t make mistakes. Therefore when God chose you to be a MALE or FEMALE, THIS IS WHAT YOU ARE. There is no “I’m just gonna change what God made to whatever I want”. 

Are you still with me? I hope so. Breathe! Hear me out. This will all begin to make sense in time. 

Don’t blast “have an open mind” and then shutdown on me. 

Onward to another point… 

Let’s take the “New Age Movement”. There are many forms of teaching in this movement and one that I’m fairly familiar with would be the Wiccan/Pagan movement. Granted, Paganism can be traced back before the Bible. However, is doesn’t make it any more relevant as some would like to claim. The religion tries to make claim that Christian’s have taken Pagan traditions and made them their own. Example would be the Pagan Holiday Yule, which falls on December 21st and is the celebration of the birth of the Horned God. Now I don’t know about you, but this seems to be the perfect perversion of the truth the devil would use. Guess what? The devil is older than Paganism! I could go on and on about this but I’d be getting away from the point. 

I titled this blog post “Where We’re Going” because I think it’s imperative to get this out there. So “what’s the answer you ask?” Simple! Where do you want to go? Paradise? Or Hell? Now, I’m not someone who believes in “scaring people into Heaven”, as my Church’s Pastor, Matt Hearn, puts it. Yet, I also believe in getting to the point of the matter. Anyone who knows me personally would tell you I’m not one to sugar-coat anything.  

Look around at the world and see what all is taking place. People and whole states are advocating (New York) late term abortions, abortions in general, people are coming up with countless numbers of “gender identities”, physicians are able to assist in killing patients that have a literal “death wish”, scientists are attempting to “play God” by cloning various animals and people and the name Jesus isn’t allowed to so much as be whispered in our public schools. However the teaching of Islam is just fine. People cry “separation of Church and state” yet, I’m willing to say that more than half of those people don’t even know what that really is and those that think they do, 9 out of 10 would be wrong because less and less “real history” is being taught in school to keep people ignorant.

Let’s not get too far off track again. My point is this. Signs of the End of Time are all around us. This is why we must spread the Gospel to as many as we can before it’s too late. Case in point… The Bible talks about one of the things that must happen before The End is Jerusalem must be made Capital once again. Well, sure enough, President Trump made this declaration on December 6, 2017. More on this in blogs to come. Several people (myself having been one in the past) say that the Bible is nothing more than a storybook or book of morals. Well, I’m here to tell you, rather than excusing the Bible away as whatever is convenient, try and read with understanding, an open mind/heart, look at different translations ( I like the NIV version) and lastly go to church if you’re open to it.

Hope you’re still reading because we’re almost done for now.

I leave you with this… I know it’s a lot to swallow and take in but this is REAL LIFE we are dealing with. Some of you may try and quote scripture and say I shouldn’t pass judgment. Well to that I say reread this blog. I haven’t passed judgment but instead repeat only what the Bible says about spreading the word. Additionally, if you’re mad about anything you’ve read, maybe think about why you’re mad? Hmmm sounds like exactly how an adversary against God would want you. Lastly, if I sound like and extremist… I AM.